Warrior jing -1- Guan Yu

I started collecting masks about 15 years ago. My main criterion was “did I like it.” I was teaching World History at the time with an emphasis on Asian History, so most of my early acquisitions were Japanese, Chinese and Korean masks. As with any collection, it grew and expanded over time and broadened into other areas of the world, albeit remaining primarily East Asian in emphasis. Along the way, I acquired some artifacts that correlate to these masks: wall plaques, some hats, and some oddities such as a spear for rodents from New Guinea.

The masks are from a variety of sources, some eBay, some commercial web sites, some yard and estate sales, and some “who knows where.” But it has been enjoyable for me both to appreciate these masks as art forms, and to have the opportunity to learn and to understand a little more about the cultures that produced them.

I hope you enjoy them as well. For many of them, I have included someĀ information about the item, its uses, the context, and some explanation. For a few of the masks, they are from unknown sources and have been so labeled as “unknown.”

I have recently started to add various ceramics, art, and miscellaneous items that I have here at home. These are labeled as “Not for Sale.” Most of these are an expansion on my collecting.

IĀ  retired and few years ago and have down-sized. As a result, I decided to set-up a web site to display the masks and other items and to give others the opportunity to acquire these masks as well. I hope you enjoy the site!

Dale “masque man” Haefer