The frog is a creature of great importance in the Pacific Northwest Coastal art and culture. With its ability to live on both water and land, this creature is revered for its adaptability and power to live in both the natural and supernatural realms. Frogs are considered the spirit messengers of shamans.



Frogs generally represent good luck to the Northwest Coast peoples, and it was not considered wise to demean or injure them. A well-known Tlingit story about how frogs became widespread throughout the northwest has to do with a chief’s daughter who made fun of them and was tricked into going to the village of the frog people under the lake by a frog masquerading as a handsome man. She married him and bore him children and in order to get her back, her father’s village drained the lake, scattering frogs in every direction.

Frog - Back

Frog – Back

Western red cedar

13” x 15” (32cm x 38.1cm)

Item # 10059-A

Frog - back detail

Frog – back detail

Artist: Ian Walker