Japanese Noh Mask

Japanese Noh Mask – Ko-omote (II)

Ko-omote – (Small face) The word represents cuteness, youth and beauty. Omote means face. The mask reflects a very young woman. It is one of the well known female masks in Japaese Noh Theater.

II Ko-omote

Ko-omote (II)

Noh Mask Expression: Teru and Kumoru

As it is often difficult to tell the actual feelings expressed in a noh mask, it is said to be made with a “neutral” expression. The mask carver tries to instill a variety of emotions in the mask.

It is up to the performer to imbue the mask with emotion. One of the techniques used in this task is to slightly tilt the mask up or down. With terasu (tilting upwards) the mask appears to be slightly smiling or laughing and the expression lightens somewhat. While kumorasu (tilting downwards), produces a slight frown and can express sadness or crying. Basically, by using minute movements, the performer is able to express different emotions very fully.

Ceramic – 8-1/2” x 5-1/2” (21.5cm x 14 cm)

Item # 10014-M

II Ko-omote back

Ko-omote (II) back

II Ko-omote 4

Ko-omote (II) side

II Ko-omote 1

Ko-omote (II) side